OK so I've been trying to decide which guitar and amp combo that I should get I've narrowed down to a few choices and want to know what you guys think.

I'm going to be playing metal mostly Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, and Disturbed and some stuff like Pantera and occasionally some Bullet for My Valentine, Protest the hero, stuff like that.

So first up the guitar, I have always wanted a Gibson Les Paul since I was a little kid. The signature T model is pretty cool and is going for about $1500.

Since I love A7X and Synyster Gates there is the Syn Gates Custom S which is pretty sweet. Just check out that sustainic humbucker!


Then there is the modeling guitar the Line 6 JTV-89F which is about $1500 and is literally like 20 guitars in one.

as for amps I was looking at the Spider IV but I have heard mixed reviews about this thing. The fact that it is so customize able and a good price is pretty sweet


Then theres the good ol peavey 6505 Plus for a decent price


and then I was checking out the small yet powerful Orange Dark terror with the Pcc112 This one is a bit more pricey I can get the head and speaker for about $900 but I mean if its worth it I can save.

Guys with experience on these guitars and amps and playing the type of music I am what are your thoughts and why? Or maybe some other suggestions that gets the job done for a good price? Thanks in advance
I am a bit wary of the Line 6 modeling gear because of some of the reviews but I do think its awesoome on how customizable they are. I really like Les Pauls but that Scheter Syn Gates custom s sounds like it was made for metal! How would the 6505+ combo compare to the dark terror in features and the sound Im looking for plus bang for the buck? anyone have experience with both?
Most of us have owned a Spider. I owned the exact model you linked. The customization seems cool, but it's completely useless because every tone you get out of it is garbage.

Apparently the Spider Valve amps are better.

Buy a 6505+ 112 or 212 combo. There's also Jet City amps that will do what you want with an overdrive pedal.
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I'd get a 7-string, a JSX head, and a 212 with V30s.

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