Sup, y'all. This track is pretty close to my heart. It was the second song I ever finished when I first started writing. Since then, I've been adjusting and modifying it as my writing has (at least in my mind) improved. I think I'm closing in on a final draft that I can be happy with. It's got a strong metallic hardcore vibe, but it moonlights as post-hardcore and flirts with death metal and powerviolence, plus I like a good helping of prog in every song I make. I'd love to hear some opinions and receive some critique. I use GPX, so I'm sorry if the mix for the GP5 file is assy. I appreciate every listen. Thanks in advance.

GPX/RSE mp3 (preferred listening method): https://www.mediafire.com/?83uw6680h7712y1
With No Hope.gp5
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