You've got a couple good riffs in your track and I really like the melodic/groove approach particularly around 1:15. To fill the sound out at that part it'd be cool to put in a rhythm/chordal section in the background and double track the guitars.

The drums worked well with your guitars and you could turn the cymbals up in the mix abit more.

Good track overall and I look forward to bearing some more of your originals in the future.

I'd appreciate if you could have a listen to a couple of my tracks over at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1657245

Thanks, Morphitis
Have you double tracked your guitar? The mix sounds very empty.

The syncopation you did in some parts in the drums were pretty interesting.

Some riffs are very interesting and some others very simple and a little monotone. For a first time it's a very good song, but I think the arrangement needs a little bit more work, for an instrumental it's too repetitive.
The bass lines are very interesting, not just beating the root note to death.

Keep up the nice work!
Not bad for a first song. After you get used to recording, you'll become much more aware of your compositions and start elaborating your ideas better. Definitely needs work though. Even though the playing is good and there are some good riffs, it just needs to flow better.

Here's my latest song
Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate the advices! I am still very new to recording quality sounds. I am still using my POD 2.0 for recording simply because I can record directly into my computer.

I always wanted to get Shure sm57 to record better quality sound, however I'm worried about not having a studio quality environment that I always have background nosies in my apartment.

There is a lot more work I need to do in order to create better compositions, but I guess this is where it starts! I have been playing guitar for a while but never had chance to record a full song of my own.
Yulinzm, if you work with the POD you should be able to get some good tones, I use the POD HD for all my guitar tones. I track one guitar using the sm57 on axis preset and pan that hard right and then record the same part again but with the sm57 off axis or 409dynamic and pan that hard left which will give you a thick sounding guitar part. Experiment with various head and cab combos, my favourite is always the tread plate.

The SM57 is great for track guitars but you may have to consider acoustically treating your room to get a decent sound. Some companies such as Randall make isolation cabs which put the mic in a acoustically sealed box with the speaker to use in a home studio but these often give a boomy sound. Stick with the POD for abit and you'll get decent sounding guitars.