A couple of days ago I had an opportunity very suddenly sprung on me that I'm not entirely sure what to do with; I have been requested to teach a Rock School class for high school students (that's ages 11 - 16 in UK) and I've not had any indication of skill. I usually teach classical guitar classes so this is a little outside of my usual methods. The first lesson is tomorrow afternoon, and I think I'll be working with a singer, two guitarists, a keyboard player, a bassist and a drummer.

I'm thinking I should first find out what music they're into and try improvising around some basic chord progressions, but I'm at a little bit of a loss for what else to do. Has anyone any ideas? Has anyone done anything like this before?
Teach them rock? As in, rock songs. Highway to hell, smoke on the water (the entire goddamn thing, not just the start), paranoid, satisfaction... Maybe even enter sandman, its not that hard. Depends on their skill level i would say. And showing them how to improvise is a nice thing, just dont overload them with information, show them the pentatonic or the blues scale or something, so they can jam on their own with a simple power cord progression. Altough, i figure they will already know such things, since you are teaching a class of mixed musicians, not just guitarists. So maybe some basics of making a band sound good, sound levels, how to interact during playing, jaming and such. If they are all complete beginners, i cant imagine how this will go.
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First off, you need to read between the lines and recognize this for it really is. Some people are making some gimmicky rock class thing for the kids and they thought you would be a perfect fit for it.

That being said, teach them the essence of rock and roll. Do you what you want to do. Do what you think is best. Follow your heart. or instincts or w/e sounds less cheezy to you.

W/e you do, don't make this about YOU. It's about THEM.
So how did it go?

I would start with some well known easy song that everybody knows (some straight forward rock, preferably songs that don't have that many solo parts, of course depending on their skills). Bring notation/lyrics/chords and audio with you. I don't think improvising will work yet if the band has never played together. Band playing doesn't really even need any improvisation so I wouldn't start with it. In the beginning the most important thing is learning to play together as a band. Maybe talk about the roles of different instruments in a rock band. Every instrument should have their own space. Talking about fills would also be good (when to play them and more importantly when not to play them).
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Are you aware that Rock School is a syllabus for teaching music? You may have just walked into a class expecting to be taught Grades and messed around with my-first-rock-song pieces and improvisation <_<