So I got this on Thursday, but I've been so preoccupied that I haven't really been able to talk a whole lot about it until now. I've really wanted an ESP V for a long time, I love the way they look and all of the guys I see play them, like one of my favorites, Lee Altus, get killer tones. I really wanted a white one, in particular because I like the look of them, and I'm pretty tired of black guitars, but I could not for the life of me find one. So I settled with this one, which is silver.

This thing is absolutely killer. It plays like butter, notes just flies off of the strings. It sounds pretty brutal too. The distorted tone through my ENGL Thunder is massive, and has this metallic sound in the palmmutes that cuts through like mad. I tried it with the cleans as well, though I don't really use them much in the band I use this guitar for. The cleans are really good, even without any sort of effects. I can honestly say with this setup I'm about 90% of the way towards the tone I always imagine in my head.

I also gotta give props to the guys who set it up. The action is crazy low but has no buzz whatsoever. The strings are seriously a couple millimeters away from the bridge pickup, it's nuts. If you ever happen to buy a guitar from 30th Street Guitars, know you'll be in good hands. Great stuff.

Anyway, here are pictures.

The one I took, since I'm lame.

And some from the listing, because 30th Street is cool:

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Very cool. What pickups are in that one? Guessing either a JB or Distortion in the bridge.
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These are absolutely killer guitars!


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Very cool. What pickups are in that one? Guessing either a JB or Distortion in the bridge.

Yeah, it's a JB/Jazz setup. The JB sounds great. I haven't really put the Jazz through the test yet for leads, though for cleans it sounds great.

Fiseth: Thanks! I was hoping someone would notice the album name. I love that band.