Been working on a new tune this past week. I'm having trouble getting a third verse written, so this one isn't finished yet. Any thoughts so far would be greatly appreciated!

"Can't Stay Here"

With a cast-iron constitution and a freewill made of stone
He took off down the highway, with nothin' else to show
But a handful of songs and an old guitar in the back of a '95 Ford
Grabbed the keys and a baseball cap, he was gone out the door

With the ghost of Robert Johnson in his eyes
He said "I might not make it, I damn sure have to try"
You won't see me again until my name's in lights
All I know is I can't stay here...

Singin' for spare change on crowded streets, tryin' to find his voice
Some people cheered, most people laughed and called it a buncha damn noise
Broke a string playin' "Thunder Road" and couldn't find a spare
He packed up that old Fender and ran far away from there

With the words of Warren Zevon in his head
"Play It All Night Long" and "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"
You won't see me again until they know my name
All I know is I can't stay here...
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I really enjoyed it, easy to read and the pictures are simple to imagine, which I like . It flows very good