Hello all,
It's been many years since I plugged into one. I recently plugged into a Little Combo amp which was like 6 to 700 bucks retail and I was very impressed with the overall quality and sound.
Now my question is what Marshall amp has the best clean channel? I mean like Fender Twin clean or close to it as possible? Then in the same breath a great rock channel for classic rock stuff and some 80' metal tones?

I was thinking JVM right? Or do they make anything else that is what I'm now after?
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JVM or a DSL, neither of them are what I'd call close to a Twin clean sound, but they both have perfectly good clean channels and satisfying Marshall OD channels.

Honestly Marshall doesn't make anything that has the big Twin 6L6 type clean sound. There are plenty of other companies out there that make a Marshall style amp with a better clean channel, though. Traynor, Mesa, Egnater, and Bogner all come to mind. It's going to depend on your particular needs and budget, but I wouldn't limit yourself to Marshalls, especially if the clean tone is particularly important to you.

Don't get me wrong - the JVM and the DSL both have good clean channels, but if it were me I'd be looking at other amps. For the price of a new 50 watt JVM you can pick up some crazy good amps on the used market. The Bogner Shiva runs about 1500 used and absolutely crushes any channel switcher Marshall has put out, especially if you want Twin cleans and 80s metal in the same package.
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Now my question is what Marshall amp has the best clean channel? I mean like Fender Twin clean or close to it as possible?
5881 JTM45.
That is, if you can find one.

It still won't sound that much like a twin though.

As Colin pointed out, limiting yourself to marshall would be a problem if a very good clean channel is a concern, and imo the amps that come closer to marshall's and have good clean channels are the bogner shiva, possibly the xtc if you also want some higher gain stuff, and the egnater rebel if you're on the cheap.
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Roc8995 said what I was going to say. I've never encountered a Marshall clean sound comparable to Fender Twin. You might get close- I think the JTM 45 is based on a Fender Bassman.

If you're open to other brands, try Rivera, or an Egnater (the Renegade, specifically). Or you could try putting a Marshall-in-a-box in front of a Fender amp- I've never tried this and can't speak on its efficacy. I'm hoping someone else can.

EDIT: I guess spambots are now capable of reading minds.
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Check out the Marshall JVM210. But make sure you play it first. JVMs are very divisive, and a lot of people don't like them. I didn't like them at all until very recently, after playing it through a 1960AHW rather than a standard 1960A or something else.
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Randal RM100 or RM50. The 100 takes three modules, the 50 takes two. Load these into it and you'll have exactly what you are asking for:


And if you get the RM100 you have room for a proper high gain module like:
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