Thanks for checking this out. I am a singer/guitarist, I am also an avid fan of looking at the fretboard from time to time. The problem is, some venues suck with lighting and I end up screwing up. Any DIY or cheap suggestions for a lighting fix so I can still see the frets? Thanks.
I'd get a cheap battery powered reading light or gooseneck light and just clip it to the headstock. Or you could just put some colored electrical tape on the neck for a bigger, more visible 'inlay.'

I'd also suggest doing exercises so you're more familiar with the fretboard without looking at it, or at least able to find your way with a quick glance instead of staring at it all the time, if that's what you're doing.
White/dayglo/glow in the dark tape. Cut to a strip the width of the side of the fretboard and stick on over your dots.
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Practice in complete darkness so you don't have to see. I learned several songs that way in the 70's, specifically because I was tired of having to constantly look at the fretboard to play.

And if you think it's crazy, Jose Feliciano was blind, so was Jeff Heally, Roy Orbison...Ray Charles played piano blind all his life, so did Stevie Wonder...that was the other reason I did it, I wondered just what it was like for them. So I started practicing in a totally dark room. Look up the Peter Frampton song "Penny For Your Thoughts". I learned it, then learned to play it in total darkness. Ditto for basically everything I played back then.

I'm slipping now, can't play as well without looking, but I still don't have to look very often onstage, mostly just during leads or when I have to make a chord change that sends me halfway up the neck.

Both acoustic and electric, leads and rhythm, learn it in complete darkness. I mean literally can't see your hand a foot away dark...It will also help greatly with accuracy even when you can see.
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