Hi. I bought this Dean new around 97-98'. I tried looking up the serial for info and came across an article that told me the serial from those years aren't meaningful being from Korea... at least it says 'Korea' on the headstock.

The guitar has sentimental value and I want to rebuild it.

I want to replace all the hardware to black or the second option would be black chrome. Where is the best place to start to find the correct parts for this Dean? I could painstakingly and manually find every screw size I guess, which was be tedious, but is there a source/store online that specializes in this endeavor? (specifically the input plate is circular and not standard)

Also, how does one judge exact what Floyd Rose to get to replace the current one? Is there a standard for the size or measuring a Floyd for replacement?

Thanks for reading!
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Floyd Rose has measurements for its products online. Hopefully it's a drop-in replacement size.

Dean would be the right place to start for replacement parts, but I'm guessing that most things were common Korean stuff for the period and not Dean-specific.

You might also consider any upgrades/updates/changes you want to deal with. There's no point in keeping it completely original (it's unlikely to have vintage or museum value diminished), so you have the freedom to change the internals, pickups, tuners, other electronics if you wish.

For example, most of those guitars did NOT come with an Original Floyd Rose. You might want to go with an FRO, or a Schaller or a Gotoh unit, all of which will be better than what was in there in the first place. You might also want to add one of the aftermarket big brass sustain blocks (I'm a fan, and I think they add something to the Floyds) or change the stock springs. There's always the chance for a lot more tonal options by adding phase switching, boosts, coil splits, etc.
Thanks for the response! The best place I've found so far for generic hardware is allparts.com. though there are a few specific things to this guitar that I'll keep searching for. I'm want to replace everything on the guitar except for the frets. Thanks for the mention of brass block. The Floyd I want isn't in stock anywhere... the 'hot-rod'. I guess I'll have to order it from a distributor somewhere.

Any site recommendations for hardware... or custom hardware? Thanks again!
Guitar: Original Parker Fly Classics - Flextone HD - POD
Bass: Schecter Studio 4 - POD XT pro