I tried to improvise and play with the height of my ibanez GSR-200 pickups.
Its really sound great but Im afraid that the way that my pickups arranged can damage my amp.
And it look very weird,I know. but it sounds really good somehow.
And its just a share,I'm kinda of a beginner so if it came wrong or idk tell me.
Depending on the type (and manufacturer) of the pickup, many of them are supposed to be setup so that the pickup is lower on the E string than it is on the G string (as yours appears to be). This is because of string thickness - the more thickness, the further away the strings should be from the pickup.

With regard to your specific bass and model/type, I would suggest a Google search. For example, I was able to find the correct setup for mine by searching: "fender jazz factory setup".
You aren't going to damage your amp, to do so you would have to be doing something very wrong.
Like smtp4me said, if you search for your bass model and set up, you should get a link to a a set up guide, failing that there is one on the fender website.
As others have said, you will not and cannot damage your amplifier with pickup height adjustments. As for the idea of "proper" pickup height, there is no such thing. Changes in the height and/or angle of your pickups will affect your tone - sometimes seriously - but it is entirely subjective. If you like it; great!

Billy Sheehan has his pickup almost touching the strings because he uses the pickup cover as a finger ramp. Some people worry that if the pickup is too close to the strings, and if it has a powerful magnet in it, then the magnet will interfere with the vibration of the strings. But even so, it is entirely subjective. If you like it; go with it.
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