Anyone know if Hetfield used his active EMG's to record the cleans from the Puppets album on?
Yes. With a Roland JC120.
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Probably, but that affected his tone FAR less than the amp he was playing on.

Amp is like 80% of the tone. Guitar and accessories are icing on that cake. What amp do you have?
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Metallica didn't start using EMGs until ...AJFA IRC. For the clean sounds the amp will be the most important and the used the JC120 as mentioned.
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Thanks for the input. Thinking about picking up a POD HD for amp simulations.

That's a great idea if you can't afford a good tube amp, or just haven't quite decided what kind of tone you'd be willing to spend that kind of money on yet.
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Thanks for the input. Thinking about picking up a POD HD for amp simulations.

Or you could download LePou's amp/cab sims for free and get better quality sound.
Dunno, you need an audio interface for that, and you are limited by having to be near your computer. The POD gives you more flexibility, and it can also act as an interface, so you can still record. And if you want, you can plug it into a PA and still play gigs or whatever, without the fear of your computer crashing.
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Metallica did use EMG pickups in 1985.

Kirk got his Jackson custom Rhoads. The string through black version seen mostly in Cliff'em'all but still a few times here and there.

As for James he had 2 Gibson Explorers, 1 Jackson King V, Flying V and one of the Explorers the one that got the MORE BEER sticker had EMG's around 1985.

Metallica played 2 gigs in the fall of 1985 besides recording Puppets in Denmark and the above guitars where used. Some where presented in Cliff'em'all at the Metal hammer festival in Germany. James where pictured with the King V too.