Forgive me if this is a stupid question...

In my chain i have the xotic SP compressor and the boss DA-2 distortion. Both pedals are in the front of my chain and both have volume knobs. Which one should I turn up to increase my general volume, while they're both on? Both? either or? just turn up the amp volume? It's a peavey delta blues 115...
A lot of it is personal choice.

I like to match my Compressor volume with my guitar/amp and for any type of gain based effect it would depend on whether or not I want the distortion/overdrive to match the level of my clean tone from my amp or have it slightly louder (if I were to use it as a boost for a solo or something).

Best thing to do is try a few different settings and see which one YOU like.

EDIT: In general though, you should use you amp to set a volume and then use the above method with any effects.
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whichever one is second in the chain. if you turn up the first one it'll just overdrive the second pedal.

depending on how the amp's set (if it's distorted), though, turning up the volume on the second pedal would just overdrive the amp more
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Why would you use a compressor and distortion at the same time? I never had anything but problems trying to use both. The distortion pedal should give you loads of sustain, which is the best thing about a compressor, although it does also tend to even out volume levels, so no matter how hard or soft you pick, it's still close to the same volume level. Not needed for a distortion pedal either, and mine always made feedback totally out of control when I ran both together. I finally got rid of the thing, never did like it because of a really spongy attack, no setting I could find would give me a good distinct attack. I always set the compressor volume to match the volume level of the rig with no other pedals turned on. I didn't want it for volume, just sustain.

Otherwise, I agree with Dave, whichever one is second, or it will just overdrive the next pedal down the line. That's also why I always put overdrive and distortion pedals last in the chain, time based pedals like delay or flanger first.
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well, seems like you either need a clean boost or a volume pedal. i personall find comps to be too noisey to use as boosts. and a boosted drive is good, for...a solo boost? but why play like that all the time? then when you want a clean tone and turn it off, your way too quiet.
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