Finally sat down and wrote this out. I wrote it with another guitarist friend I know for a band that never really worked out. I know how T&C feels about metalcore, but I still want to share. Let me know what you think!
Before I start, this is totally all my opinion and you should always write however you want to, cause your music is primarily for you. Now on to the review.

This is pretty standard fare for that sort of Killswitch, All That Remains, ABR, As I Lay Dying style metalcore. It's a pretty solid track, though. First riff was kinda generic if I'm being honest, but I definitely like the note choices. The 5/4 turnarounds were also nice additions to spice it up. I enjoyed how it grooved from 27 to 57, but it felt a bit repetitive towards the later half of it. I would also suggest using a chord or chord progression instead of the open bottom strings on the dotted quarter, or maybe mixing it up so that it's sometimes the open strings and other times a chord.

I liked the transition section with the ringing leads at 59, though it also sounds pretty familiar. I like what the drums are doing at 65, though its pretty impossible to hit two toms and a cymbal at the same time. That's totally a meaningless nitpick, though. This breakdown was really very typical and square feeling, so it overstayed its welcome at 40 seconds long. However, the riff at 107 was catchy as hell. Liked that a lot. That being said, I feel like more could've been done with the space of 115 to 122 than just harmonizing it.

123 to 146 was all really solid riffage in my opinion. Nothing to complain about in that section to me. Had me headbanging.

The 7/4 section was nice. The simple chords in the beginning provided an effective build up to the soaring leads that would eventually show up on Track 2.

The leads in the melodic section that proceeds are nice, but again very standard fare for metalcore leads. The tremolo picked bit could have used a bit more, but it's still nice sounding. However, the exclusive use of bar chords for the rhythm guitar in this bit feel uninspired.

The riff you set up at 182 was okay, but again, a repeat with harmony didn't really add anything for me. Lastly, the ending breakdown was pretty standard and square. I'd appreciate some more rhythmic diversity on the breakdown front. Maybe also throw some more interesting licks or chords in them to add spice and nuance. Also, I feel that once you've already had a breakdown in the song, there are usually better ways to end it. However, this breakdown was pretty short and ended the song relatively effectively. Also, the drum track got the job done, but not really much more. It could've used some fills and not followed the guitars verbatim. But yeah, there were some spots that liked in there for sure. Thank you for sharing with us and keep on writing!!
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