I'd guess by the price and all the spiffifications that its made in Mexico. I'm skeptical. I'd say get a Line 6 Variax or a regular Strat. That's just my opinion though, I'm a bit of a Luddite.

Edit: that's a lot of money to pay for a guitar you're so unsure on that you ask an online forum. When you pay $1100 for a guitar, you probably should have the wherewithal to decide for yourself.
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It's made in Mexico. It looks a lot like a Lone Star strat, I wouldn't be surprised if that guitar was the base for this model. Of course the only upgrades from the MIM Standard to the lone star are the headstock and the electronics, so with the Fishman guitar you're back to just a hotrodded Mexi (unless the headstock is super important to you).

Assuming that it's just a standard Mexi with electronics upgrades:
500 retail on a MIM Strat
400 retail on a Fishman system
95 retail on a PG Humbucker
100 retail on 2 Fender noiseless single coils
=1095 which is almost exactly retail price on the Triple Play strat.

So assuming those things are what you want, and we're talking strictly new prices on both, the Fishman strat just saving you installation on the Fishman. If you don't mind installing it yourself, you could get a used USA strat and the Fishman system for the same price as a new Triple Play strat.
Thanks for all the help
Had been offered one on the cheap was thinking about taking the offer if it was an American, will just stick to getting the TriplePlay separately