So, i have a Jet City JCA50, and im wondering what would happen if i ran two overdrives in front of it. I would keep one on at all times to tighten the sound to do br00tal metulz, and i would then turn on the other one to give me some gain boost and a tone change for the leads. Would this work? What order should they be set in? I currently have a BadMonkey in front of it that i use for leads, but having it on all the time really gives a nice tone, and since i just got a power supply, i can actually keep it on without spending a fortune for batteries.
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I'd keep the Bad Monkey on at all times, and use something like an Electro-Harmonix Soul Food after the BM for leads.
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^ I second that.

Putting the boost before the overdrive you'd keep on would result in the bad monkey distorting the signal more and not much else, while putting it after that would give the amp more gain, which could either raise the volume or the distortion only if you're already pushing the amp.

For a consistent and secure volume boost, put a boost (or even better, an EQ with pre and post gain controls) in the FX loop.
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i do that all the time. i run a more transparent overdrive (danelectro timmy clone; on the cheap a digitech screamin blues would work) on all the time for rhythm tones and then kick in a ts-style or sd1-style od for leads.

it works just fine (if you like the resulting tone).

EDIT: interestingly I do the opposite of what the other guys are saying, i put the ts-/sd1 second in the chain. I tried both ways round a while back and (the way I set them and at the volume I'm playing at anyway) I didn't really notice any difference. I was surprised, I thought I would.

it depends on whether you want more volume or more saturation/compression too.
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