What's your 8 favourite basses? (Why 8? Because it's my lucky number ) Mine are:

1.Fender American Standard P-Bass.
2. BC Rich Warlock One Bass.
3.Jackson JS2 Concert Bass.
4.Gibson Thunderbird IV.
5.Modulus Fleabass.
6.ESP LTD B-104.
7. Epiphone Jack Casady.
8. ESP Survivor 4
I'm assuming we're leaving out custom and nodded basses.

1. Fender 1954 Precision Bass.
2. G&L LB-100.
=3. My frankenbass precision and Squier jv jazz.
5. Epiphone Jack Casady.
6. Warwick Corvette $$ BO.
7. Ibanez Atk300.
8. My shitty Shine 6 string. This is the first six string that I've been able to actually play.

Honourable mention to all the basses in the Squier CV and VM series, I've had pretty much every one and they never let me down.
1. Fender P-bass (no pickguard)
2. ESP F series
3. Traben Tribal
4. Gibson Thunderbird
5. Epiphone Flying V bass
6. Fender Jazz bass
7. A good acoustic bass
8. Rickenbacker 4003 (the look, not the sound)
Harmony: Stratocaster
Alvarez: F-200
Schecter: Omen 6
Fender: BXR-60
Dean: Metalman Z Bass (Betty)
Egnator: Tweaker 15
Pearl: Maximum
Custom: Harley Quinn Bass
Custom: TK-421 Explorer
A steadily growing supply of pedals
1. Rickenbacker 4005
2. Rickenbacker 4001
3. Hagstrom Viking
4. Hagstrom Beluga F
5. Status Energy
6. Squier VM Jazz (after a few mods, i prefer mine to a mia jazz)
7. Ibanez SRC6
8. Gibson Grabber
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Well this list changes on an almost weekly basis but the latest version looks like this:

1. Steinberger L2/XL2
2. Music Man Cutlass II
3. Modulus Basstar
4. Spector NS-2J
5. Mike Lull NRT4/5
6. Dingwall Afterburner I
7. Zon Sonus 5

Honorable mentions to the Fender Mustang, Status S2, Yamaha TRB6PII, and Peavey B-Quad. I wish I could fit them on the list.
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Spector and Markbass
1.Navigator N-PB-LTD
2.Fender American Deluxe Precision V (I had one and did the dumbest thing ever by selling it)
4.Ibanez BTB1005EOL
5.Fender Standard Jazz V (Did the same as with #2)
6.Warwick Corvette $$
7.Lull PJ5-24
8.Sandberg California TM2
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1. Dingwall Combustion NG2
2. Warwick Corvette 5 Standard (Bubinga)
3. Music Man StingRay5
4. Music Man Sterling
5. Ibanez SR(370 and above)
6. Fender P-Bass Deluxe
7. Fender Jazz
8. Ibanez BTB
Basses I have played/owned:

1. Fender Jazz
2. Rickenbacker 4003
3. Music Man Sting Ray
4. Ibanez SR*

Wishlist but still favorite:

5. Carl Thompson
6. Jens Ritter
7. Fodera
8. Spector
In no particular order

My ESP FB-204
Fender American Standard P-Bass
Epiphone Goth Thunderbird
Yamaha TRBX304
Squier Vintage Modified P-Bass
Fender 70s J-Bass (I think that's what it was)
Ibanez something that I don't remember the name of

ESP FB-204

MXR '78 Custom Badass Distortion
Dunlop Crybaby
MXR EVH Phase 90
MXR Analog Chorus

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1.) Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass
2.) Fender Highway One Jazz Bass
3.) Fender American Standard Jazz Bass
4.) Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass
5.) Fender Highway One Precision Bass
6.) Fender American Standard Precision Bass
7.) Tune TWB-6 Six-String Bass
8.) Schecter Devil 4-String Bass (I have no idea why, gut I have been playing this one more than any other since I dropped a Seymour Duncan MM Humbucker pickup into it!).
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