In the Tabs Guide it says:

Any typo in the song or band name makes your tab deniable. Except for letters, the only character you're allowed to use is a hyphen (-).
Any other characters such as "/ )& ( _ # @ + = * ^ $ ! ? ] . [ { } % ~ : ; , | \ " will be automatically removed from the song or band name by our system, so do not use them.

In the moderation queue there is currently a submission for a song named "veselý pes denny" ( http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/contribution/submit/approval?id=1668674 )

My question(s)
Are special characters allowed in the song title?
If not, are special characters removed after the tab is accepted?
If not, is there a bug that is causing them not to be removed?
And finally...should submissions with special characters in the title be rejected?

- Yes, but sometimes they'll change when tab gets accepted.
- Yes, the characters that you've listed.
- No
- No
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