I started off with a trio, trying to do a beach influenced indie rock akin to Wavves and Best Coast, but I was considering just simplifying it down to just the drummer and me on a Bass VI. I figure the Bass VI could cover the low ranges of a bass while also being able to play chords. I'm currently running it through both a guitar cab and bass cab. Is this feasible or will it be too thin or boring sounding?
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It is possible if you make use of the dynamics, having some cool effects as well (fuzz, b6 organ, reverb, octaver, electroharmonix pog 2) to flesh out the sound. If one of you do backup vocals it will also help you. I think the coordination between you will be more crucial as well. Good luck
Yeah, I think the big thing is preventing ear fatigue for the audience. I've got plenty of different distortions, reverb, POG, etc. so I think I'm good in the effects department. Thanks!
A simple loop pedal may help you build a nice peak for most of your songs, that will make a big difference. If you find yourself needing more diversity, a keyboard player could be a fun alternative to bringing in a guitarist or bassist. That would be a fun mix, two instruments with wide ranges!

ps wavves and best coast are amazing influences, and I would love to hear your band once you bring it to fruition!
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I'll definitely consider the loop pedal! I definitely have been looking into keys but haven't found the right fit!
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It's been done before. You've got to be seriously talented to carry more then a few songs with such a limited palette though.

Here's to hoping that loop pedal can help out with that