R.I.P Jon Lord, Rory Gallagher and Jimi!
hot rod is pretty similar i think, just has an extra drive channel. i'd probably get the blues deluxe if you don't need the extra drive channel, they have (i think) the rep of sounding slightly better
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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I picked the blues deluxe over the hot rod for its clean channel. It is slightly warmer. And also it looks cooler IMO. I don't know why but I love tweed.
Or go with the Twin reverb and have all the clean headroom you need to put some awesome pedals in front of. It'll be more clean volume than any reasonable human would ever need. Get an OCD or the drive of your choice. I had one for a few years but I lean a little more towards the heavy stuff, so I sold it.
+1 for Blues Deluxe or Twin Reverb. I'd go used and vintage if Twin Reverb is the answer. They're not hard to find and they go for decent prices.
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I've had great luck with OCD in front of a Twin Reverb (a standard backline at this one place I play at all the time) and my new HRD. It is a SUPER clean amp, I find that pedals that don't need to be cranked on my other amps need to be cranked for the HRD. The OCD handles it easily though.
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I played the Blues Deluxe and thought the cleans were perfect, really can't see the Twin Reverb being much better for my taste! Think I will go for the Blues deluxe!
R.I.P Jon Lord, Rory Gallagher and Jimi!