Hey guys!

I recently bought a Boss OD-1x overdrive pedal and a JamMan Express looper, and I am having trouble configuring them. If I add my OD-1x anywhere in the setup it gives a constant delay to my actual guitar. So I can play a loop, but when the looper is active it sends a delay so I can only play my guitar for about half a second every 3. When I take out the distortion and leave my Wah plugged in it works perfectly, and OD-1x + Looper without Wah doesn't work either. I've tried almost every different configuration I can think of, but my current setup is as follows:

Guitar ------ (Wah)----(OD-1x)----(Looper)--- Main Amp
(Filler Filler Filler Filler Filler Filler) |
(Filler Filler Filler Filler Filler Filler) |------- Secondary Amp (For loop playback)

Hope this helps and I appreciate the feedback, I'd love to be able to use these two pedals together without the annoying unintentional delay!
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try ditching the second amp and see what happens.

Alright that got rid of the delay but now I can barely hear the loop under the sound of the guitar after. Any ideas? I've tried hooking up the looper in different configs as well and no dice with the double amp situation
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what is the level control set to?

and is your guitar connected into the 'left' input jack on the looper?

also, are you using the gain channel on the amplifier?

That appears to be volume,

My guitar is plugged into Leftside In (Mono), and then Leftside Out(Mono) goes to the amp.
The same effect happens if I try the Right In and Right Out, and obviously interchanging them just doesnt work at all.

And yes, the Amp I'm using is a Bugera Tube amp - not sure if that's significant.
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yeah, what is the loop level control set to?

The only thing I'm seeing that says loop level seems to work as the volume dial, so its set about halfway right now
Alright thanks! The delay seems to have come back with the OD-1x pedal even with one amp, unless I completely restart the loop and rehook the entire setup every time, so any ideas would still be appreciated!
No issues. I can loop with the OD turned on, and play maybe 15 seconds after that, and then it starts to kick in again. If I have the strings muted, no sound whatsoever, I can hear the amp giving off a heartbeat almost, which I assume is the soundwaves being cut off and on again. Once again, this only happens when coupled with the od-1x
okay. reading through your original post, i've found that i'm not 100% on what your 'delay' actually is. could you please describe it from the start and give details and examples?
Does your amp have an fx loop? If so, that's where I put my looper. If you wanna play through one amp and run the looper to a different amp you need an a-b-y box or a pedal with 2 outs before the looper to route your signal and the looper to the second amp and your normal signal through the primary amp. I think.
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Alright, so restarting then. If I use my Guitar/Wah/loop combo, it works fine, no interference or delay. If I use guitar/OD-1x same thing. If I try to throw the OD-1x in the mix with wah/loop, then all of a sudden the sound comes out almost choppy and delayed sounding. The best way I can think of to describe it would be if you had a kickdrum, and you did a solid 1/4 beat consistently, everytime the kickdrum made a sound, thats like what my amp would be doing with my guitar. So I could play a riff, but you would only hear it everytime the 1/4 beat struck the drum... Does that make sense? Its like a pulsation of sound but its super inconvenient and unwanted, and it only happens when the od-1x is plugged in.
Is your amp absolutely clean or are you getting distortion from the amp. Perhaps when you kick in the OD, that boosts the amp into distorting enough that in combination with the looper it justs sound like sh*t and seems like delay. The looper should be run into a totally clean amp.