hey guys

so ive been using my cabronita for most of my band sessions and all of our gig because it is easier to play than my jag, has more sustain and the strings dont move...the problem is though that i love the sound of my jag a lot lot more. i've recently come to realise that humbuckers are definitely not the type of pickup for me.

so i was thinking about investing some sort of single coil pick up into the cabronita (definitely in the bridge pickup, maybe in the neck if i have enough money leftover). it currently has the stock fender fideli'tron pickups (the ones that come with the MIM cabronita) which are nice for what they are but like i said just not my thing.

the main problem i have is that im not sure which pickups will fit into the telecaster seeing as what is probably my best choice is a humbucker sized p90. my budget isnt very high...maybe 50s euros but the less i can spend the better. for recording i tend to use my jag, i just need this for live playing. as long as there isnt too much hum and it sounds decent i'll be fine.

amp btw is a jcm800 and i use a big muff. the style we play is a kind of grungy post punk so i dont need a too heavy sound. in fact i want my sound to be less heavy, more fuzzy and loose if you know what i mean

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