Hey guys. Currently I have 3 frequently used basses; a StingRay 5, a StingRay 4 and an Ibanez SR370.
I'm gonna get some Elixirs for the Ibanez to match the Ray5 since I like them so much and for tonal variety, but I feel like experimenting a bit with the Ray4.
I was thinking about getting a set of either Piccolo gauge strings or some heavier (55 - 110 +) for drop tuning.

Anyone have any other suggestions to try?

P.s. rushed post because If I order before 2 PM (20 mins) I get next day delivery and I'm an impatient bastard.
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Forget all about piccolo strings. You need a dedicated piccolo bass to use them, and that means having a new nut installed that is cut for piccolo strings. Heavy strings are the way to go if you are into drop tunings. For that, I recommend DR's DDT (Drop Down Tuning) strings.
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