Hello. I have a question about Evertune bridge. I bought VGS Soulmaster from Thomann.de and it will arrive soon. I want to change tuning from fabric B Standard to A Standard and ... i don't know how exactly do that with Evertune. I know how this thing works and how to setup it, but i will change string gauge to 11-68, so that causes a problem. Before i change strings to thicker set, i need to loose tension on bridge and then put fresh strings? or just put new .068 string to zone 2 and then tune? I don't want to destroy something on guitar. Thx for reply.
This will be interesting -- you'll be the first person I'll have to talk to who actually owns one of these bridges. They've never made sense to me (they always seemed like something destined to get in the way more than do good), so I'll be attentive to your progress with it.
Basically, i'm just afraid that Zone 2 from fabric strings and zone 2 with .068 gauge will be in different places, so thicker string will break or bridge will be destroyed or something. (different tension)
I wrote an e-mail to Evertune producer about my problem. If problem will be solved, i'll put solution here for another people.
Cool. There are a few of us who've checked this out before and had our reservations or excitements.
This is what i got from Fluff:


You would put your desired strings on, see where your tuning currently resides and then adjust as needed after putting each saddle in Zone 2.

You don't have to worry about damage as long as you don't force the hex screw one way or the other (tightening or loosening).


Part 2:

Fluff is right,

Also since you are using bigger strings with lower tuning, I would wait to see what the note is in zone 2 with the new strings before changing the tension, it may need higher tension on some strings actually,