Hello fellow musicians!

I have recently been searching for a new 6 string guitar I came across Rob Caggiano's LTD signature on Thomann. It seems I cannot find a decent review of the guitar anywhere and was hoping if anyone could give me some advice or an opinion on the guitar if you own it or have played it before.

Here's the Thomann link:


Unfortunately I don't know anyone who owns the guitar and I have no local guitar centre that have this in stock so the whole 'try before you buy' thing is out the window.
I posted a similar thread for the ESP LTD H-51. No reply at all. It seems nobody cares of the ESP LTD series...
LTD makes some great guitars for the money. They're not on par with the real ESPs, but the ones I've played (over ten) played very nicely, sounded pretty good, and seemed to be built solid. I'd order one sight unseen.

GC has a great return policy. Not sure about Thomann.
Thomann has a great return policy, had to send back a pro series Jackson because it was awful, had tons of issues. They took it back quickly and without issue.
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