A question about making a three piece solid body: Does anyone have an opinion on the use of dowels or biscuits when gluing the wood pieces together? It seems common in cabinetry and furniture, but I don't believe I've ever heard it mentioned in a guitar build. Is there a reason for this?
I would say its probably a cosmetic thing mainly (well on natural finishes anyway) ... also more time consuming than it needs to be so just butting them together is easier and quicker (and plenty strong enough)
If you were going to support a bunch of weight with the guitar body, like you would with furniture, then biscuits and dowels would be appropriate, but you almost certainly won't be. Also there are perceptions out there that having irregularities in the shapes of the joints can alter the way the sound resonates thru the wood, and thus harm your tone.
There are a several custom guitar body makers that use biscuits, particularly with attaching the side wings to the central neck-through structure on guitars with that construction design. FWIW, you can buy the necks from Carvin.
They would serve no purpose. As far as strength is concerned a good joint without any biscuits or dowels is as strong as the wood itself on a joint like this. Biscuits and dowels are used on end grain joints and for alignment on more complex joints.

I cant see any mention of biscuits on Carvins site.

If you're considering using either for a first build....don't. It'll cause way more trouble than it's worth.
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I cant see any mention of biscuits on Carvins site.

Maybe you're searching for the wrong thing. In America we call them "cookies."