Hey so I've got a g-400 custom epiphone that came with 3 humbuckers. I think they were alnico classics. I swapped out the neck and bridge for duncans.

The toggle keeps crapping out of me and I want to replace it with a nice switchcraft maybe

I was thinking that as long as I'm messing around in there, I might as well completely rewire the bugger, get a 5 way selector on it, replace the 3 volume pots for the pups with pushpull a that'll do vol and tone for each pup... And replace the master tone pot with ... Something... I dunno (ideas anyone?)

I've never done a rewire and the extent of my soldering knowledge was installing the two pups. Where would I start?
Also, would it be possible to install a signal splitter on the axe itself, so I could run lines into multiple amps?
What about something crazy like a USB to PC jack?

Help me mod the **** out if this guitar people