I like C/Am because of the 3nps scale run starting on the 1st fret of the low E and also because I can mirror the licks past the 12th fret, Im so used to it by now I should probably try something different.

What is yours?

I wanted to include a poll but since Im limited to just 10 options Ill leave it out.
I rarely think about keys when noodling tbh. But I guess E minor is where my fingers usually fall on.
I agree. I usually warm up with Em and then shift into F#m.
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Idk keys or scales....just kinda play what sounds good. I'd say when actual playing is noodling. Does that make me shitty?
C#m tends to be my favourite key. I like how it sounds as well as where the notes are in standard tuning. For soloing, at least. For rythm I have Em as favourite. That open low E is pure gold.
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My mindless warm up mode almost always boils down to aimless shredding in Cm or Dm or both.
Am,A Mixa,D Mixa and E Mixa for those jazzier tones
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Depends... If I'm flatpicking, I tend to fall back on "G" because so many bluegrass tunes seem to fall out so well in that key.
But I've been playing a lot of fingerstyle jazz lately, and I frequently go to "C" because the melody notes tend to fall out on the upper two strings... Makes chord-melody easier.
Em & A..the guitar likes these keys. I like to incorporate open harmonics, so Em
F# and Bb

B Aeolian sometimes
A poem.
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