Hey guys,

Just started posting up stuff from another project I'm working on with my friend - a 2-man bass/drum band that is very similar to Death From Above 1979 (given we're both enthusiasts of bass and drums!).

The project is mostly fun one and less of a serious project but either way I'd like to hear some feedback on the first track. I've went for a wall-of-sound style production so I'm wondering if that works at all on this track. Any comments on the song itself would be great too as we've literally written tracks 50/50 on our E.P.

Leave me a comment/crit and I'll give you one back!


Yeah, it's listenable and has a very in sound, what with the success of Royal Blood at the moment.

It has a thrashy tinge to it, which is good IMO. The vocals remind me a bit of the LCD Soundsystem guy. The breakdown around 2:14 is interesting and a bit of a surprise to have some kinda 80s sound thrown in. Lyrically I couldn't work out what it's about (could hear the words ok though).

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The guitar tone is a bit harsh on my ears, but otherwise I like the guitar tone. I like the guitar riffs.......oh wait, I guess that is electric bass. Any way to get some more lower end on that bass? It seems like guitar with no electric bass. Something sounds missing for me. Otherwise, I like it. Vocals/melodies are good. Please review my music at this link:

Very nicely written song, a lot of variety in there for a track just over 3 minutes. The crossover style works well, particularly because the metal influenced elements are incorporated tastefully. Even though his diction is bad I like the vocal delivery. I don't really have any outrightly negative critiques for the arrangement.

In terms of mix, I love how the vocals are mixed, and that tone is fantastic, although it could definitely do with some more deep lows/sub lows. Even if you 'cheat' and dub a fairly standard bass tone beneath it... seeing as you've a minimal setup you need to fill out the frequencies with what you are using. In the same respect, it would be an improvement if the drums were louder, especially the kick and snare.

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