Hello , I bought Jackson San Dimas SDX about month ago and when i'm playing notes on e string it's getting out of tune after 12th fret. When I check artiffical harmonic it's ok and when i hit note on 12th fret and empty e string they're same. I don't know where's the problem. I founded that something is wrong with intonation but I'm not sure.
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1st thing to do is new strings. I don't know how may times people have asked me to set their intonation, I always specify new strings are required, most of the time the intonation is OK, it was just dead strings.

Strings tend to lose their intonation after a while, that's the first indication you need new ones. Intonation goes out the window.

If you don't know how to set the intonation yourself, have it done by a reputable tech. It's not that difficult, and not difficult to check.

Get the string in tune using a good tuner.

Play it at the octave fret, check that on the tuner, it should be in tune there too. If not, intonation is off or you're fretting way too hard. Do not change anything yet...

If it's off, get new strings, check it again. If it's still off, it can be adjusted at the bridge by moving the saddles. Sharp is too short is the best way to remember which direction to go. If it's sharp, make the string longer by moving the saddle back away from the nut. If it's flat, move it closer to the nut.

Do the same with every string, try and avoid fretting too hard, you'll pull the strings sharp if you do.

Never adjust intonation with old strings. New ones only. If you need to adjust action, do that first, intonation is always last.

Sharp is too short.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
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