I decided to treat myself and buy a Gibson Austin strap for my LP. It arrived today, and I excitedly opened the box. It's beautiful.

When I tried to adjust the strap for length, the problems started. I shortened the front strap as far as it would go, with the buckle being within an inch or so of the guitar body. I shortened the rear strap as far as it would go.

It still wasn't short enough. The guitar hung so low I had to sharply bend my wrists to fret.

I tried shortening the back strap until the buckle was close to the guitar body, and having excess strap folded underneath the strap pad. That worked, but it looks like hell. Also, the Gibson logo is at the top of my shoulder, and the conchos are both on my back.

The only way I can see to make it fit is to cut the straps. On a $130 strap, that would be a crime. That wouldn't affect where the logo and conchos sit, either.

Does anyone have an Austin, and know how to deal with this?

Thanks for any replies.
How tall are you?
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5' 11". I was six foot, but people can shrink about an inch per decade after they turn 40. In my case I shrank 1/2" per decade.

I like to wear the guitar with the center of the body at navel level. I have tendon problems from years ago, and bending my wrist too much causes a lot of pain.

The only thing I can see to do is cut the straps and drill holes. Seems like a shame, though.
Well, you should be plenty tall for the adjustment the strap claims to have, so I'm not sure why it's not working.

If you do decide to cut etc. (which may be your only option) go to a leather shop and have them do it for you. It should only cost a few bucks and they will use professional tools to make it look right. They might even be able to figure out a way to get it to sit/fit right?
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
It is definitely too long, even if I adjust it with the metal buckles right up against the guitar.

I didn't want to cut the rounded end of the straps, as there's stitching there that's visible. What I did was cut the stitching of the squared-off part of the strap that is hooked around the center bar on the buckle. I pulled all of the excess strap back from there to get it short enough. Now I'll wait until I have it adjusted just right, then take it to a leather shop and have them cut off a certain amount from the back end, wrap it around the center bar of the buckle, and stitch it again.
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Squared-off end Rounded end

With it adjusted this way, the padding, Gibson logo and concho are over my chest, the guitar is at the right height, and the buckles are a safe distance from the guitar. With the tension on the buckle, it's almost not necessary to have it stitched, but I will anyway.