Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of trying to find a good upgrade for my amp. I have a Line 6 Spider III amp and a POD XT live multi effects pedal, but I want to get into using individual pedals. I think it would be a good idea to find a nice amp with a good clean tone, and then buy distortion and other effects, because if I rely on the amps distortion settings, it may be difficult to transition between clean and distorted sounds, especially since not all amps have a foot switch. I'm looking for a reasonably priced solid state combo amp. I understand I need to listen to them all to see which tone fits me, but do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks
IMO you should take your pedal budget and buy a good amp (instead of amp+pedals) and use your POD for effects
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Well I'd probably sell my POD. I honestly use only two or three settings on the pod, and the distortion channels I get out of my Spider are so much better in my opinion. I was hoping to buy individual pedals for a little more control over my sound. I think if I were to find a good amp with a solid tone, I would only need maybe a distortion and overdrive pedals, maybe even a fuzz, but it's not necessary. I'd also probably buy like a chorus at some point, but for now I don't think I'd go on a spending spree. I'm really going for that whole turn effects on and off as you please. What do you think?
In my personal opinion you're plugging turds into crap and trying to make it sound good.
The Spider is a horrid cheese grater and the fx unit is errrrrr... passable at best.
Before you separate with it try to bypass the amp's preamp section, I think the Spider has a CD input or fx return, plug into that and try the multifx to do all the sound manipulation.
Signal flow would be guitar to multifx, multifx out to CD input or fx return on cheese grater.
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If you know the kind of sound you're after, I'd sell the Spider and the POD and focus all my budget into getting a great amp.

Only after buying the amp should you buy any pedals, if you need them at all. Most great amps I'm remembering off the top of my head have channel switching footswitches anyway.

As Cathbard said, if you give us the informations required on this thread we can help choosing the right amp(s) for you.
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Ok let's give it a shot
Budget: no higher than $500, preferably lower
Genre: I play a lot of punk rock, like Bad Religion, Offspring, but I will occasionally play some metal. I do need a good clean sound, and I'd like to be able to switch back and forth between them while playing.
New or Used: I'd prefer new, I just really don't trust used equipment.
Home or Gig: I play the majority in my bedroom, but I do play occasionally in small venues or with a band, so it should be loud enough to hear, but not too loud for indoor practice sessions.
Closest city: Lakewood CA
Current gear: I currently use an epiphone les paul