i've noticed something and i think you have noticed it too, that is if you own both and amp and a mobile phone.

you know you get that beep beep beep noise as your message comes in, but i noticed something...sometimes it goes beep beep beep but i dont receive a message.

what does that mean?
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That someone is pinging your phone to get your GPS location.
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it means you should put your phone on vibrate/silent like a normal person

no the beep beep beep that comes from the amp when you get messages
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You are a sick man, Riley.
oh okay that beep nvm then. i dont hear it from my amp that often but i hear it near computers all the time
It is possible that other transmission is travelling across the amp, doesn't have to be yours.
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I know what you're talking about OP.

Basically the amp is picking up the signal the phone sends to the cell tower [when it receives a text, call etc.] and converts it into an audible sound.
It's EM interference.
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I picked up Spanish radio on my amp once. I don't even think there's a Spanish radio station in the UK.

I listened for three hours and they didn't play any Ricky Martin so I turned it off.
I've definitely picked up radio signals.