I live in New England not too far from the Boston area. Fortunately Boston is know for it's hardcore music scene and I live for attending shows at small venues. However, I'm interested in smaller local bands around the country. So here is a chance for you to talk up your band or a friends band. I'd love to check them out. Feel free to post a link to a youtube video or facebook page of the band.
Great idea for a thread!

My city has some really solid bands:
Mahria - https://mahriaskram.bandcamp.com/
Ringleader - https://ringleader780.bandcamp.com/
Slumlord - https://slumlord780.bandcamp.com/album/love-all-serve-none
Failgiver (shameless plug) - https://failgiverca.bandcamp.com/

There's a few newer ones that don't have recordings yet, but there's a lot of diversity here.
Annihilator666 thanks for posting. I'm not a huge fan of Mahria but all the rest are solid. Especially Failgiver.

mschup27 also, thanks for commenting. homewrecker is sick for sure.
I wish there was a hardcore scene here in San Antonio, Texas. Shai Hulud came here though, but cancelled because their bus broke down. There was some Mexican hardcore band though that played with them that I saw. I can't remember their name. I'm pretty sure I posted it here in some thread. I'll do it again when I find out who they were
Tomcat112 thanks for posting. These guys are great. I'll have to check out more of their stuff
My favorite local hardcore band is a band I used to sing for called Not On Your Life. Unfortunately, I never got around to recording anything with them. They mix a little rock n' roll with their hardcore, and it sounds really freaking awesome. Another good one is PK, they're a hardcore cover band. They don't have any recordings, but their live shows are crazy as hell.

Not On Your Life's bandcamp, check them out: http://notonyourlife.bandcamp.com