I'm Jimmy in Napa Valley, CA. I've been using this site for TAB ideas for a few years, but I've never been to the forums. I figured I'd introduce myself by submitting a TAB I've been working on for about four months.

This is the full TAB of Metallica's "...And Justice For All" song:

    EDIT: Just found out that the file is too large! (It IS a 9+ minute song, after all.) So we're gonna have to break it into three: 1st half, 2nd half, and Melody Solo (coming soon). Crap.

    Not some made up bass line. This is the one lifted from RockBand or GuitarHero where they isolated the tracks for the game. Jason in all his glory...to be heard by the masses...in infamy!

    This is what I believe to be the most accurate TAB out there. However, there are some Easter Eggs I've added throughout the song. Places where I've always heard certain, shall we say, embellishmentsin my head. Let me know in the comments when you guys spot the Easter Eggs.

    I hope that you guys will enjoy it, critique it, tear it apart, praise it, improve it, etc. Cheers!
    ...And Justice For All 2nd half.gpx
    ...And Justice For All 1st Half.gpx
    Dumb...but undeniably right.

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