Hi all,

Need some advice on my Ovation. My Standard elite between neck and top body on the bottom side has a small gap. But only one side. The other sides of the neck is fine.Wondering if this is a big problems or just some cosmetic or finishing defects. When play, everything is fine. Action also fine. Refer picture for gap.
2014-10-11 10.03.26.jpg
Hard to tell from the small picture but it looks like that's the binding on the body coming loose. It can be glued back in place if you're careful, but clamping it might be tricky. And it will probably need to be clamped. If it bothers you take it to a competent luthier and have it fixed. IT can probably be fixed at home, but you'd have to come up with an inventive way to get a clamp on it. Glue can be worked into the crack without too much trouble, wipe off any excess with a wet paper towel, but then you get to the clamping part...without knowing exactly where it is and what shapes you're dealing with I can't even begin to offer a solution...
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