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I'm going to buy stereo system to connect for my USB sound card Lexicon alpha. I'm using sound processing programs like Cubase and Audacity as well as some guitar program to play solo with backing tracks to record it and make processing. Could someone briefly explain me what kinds of monitors (passive or active) would be better for my system. This time I have no much money considering of the ProDipe Pro5 monitors. In future I also going to connect monitors to MAC as well as vinyl player.

I'll be thankful for any suggestions regarding my chose

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Depends on what you really wanna do with them.

You want to use them for mixing or critical listening?
Then you want accurate sounding monitors - in your budget, LSR305's.

You want to use them for casual listening and you want them to sound "exciting"?
Then you want monitors that make stuff sound better than it actually sounds - M Audio DX5's.
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I think I'm looking for not very expensive monitors just for listening of CD and vinyl as well as FLACs as well as my own recordings. I've read that passive acoustic typically might be accompanied by several problems on the choosing of amp and suitable monitors so the active acoustic might be better solution in my case might it? On what principal characteristics of such devises should I pay special attention?