My friend and I worked on this song together and put a lot of time into it. It's actually posted on his channel but I would still like to raise some support for it and get some critique and feedback. I will gladly C4C!! Link:

Sounds rather likable. It does sound quite similar to a hit song that I can't remember the title of that is roughly 15 years old. It was a song they always played during a skit with Jim Carey (where he always ends up slam dancing women) on Saturday Night Live. Audio quality is good! Nice synth sounds. Please review my music at this link:

Good evening! So far so good, I wish there was more of an in your face "this is where the song starts" thing in the beginning though, like maybe a longer intro with some kind of wind up or something with a filter to it. I don't really know much about House music so maybe that's something you aren't supposed to do, hah. Love the sweep up around 1:15 and the second half is really enjoyable. Gonna have to listen some more of this stuff!

Check mine out?

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