Well, it started with me just fiddling some blues-rocky riff on guitar, type of stuff I don't usually play, so I thought maybe to develop it into something. I think the main verse is possibly a bit annoying but still catchy in a weird way. It then develops into other stuff, and I'm still going to develop the piano section (which was written on the guitar as well) in the last part. Possibly should use it in a stand alone composition.

No drums as of yet.

Thanks in advance, and I can C4C if you'd like.

*Also, I advice on using the RSE sound as the MIDI doesn't play stuff like palm-mute or slides correctly.
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Sorta reminds me of The Who for some reason...? Pretty cool though. Not sure I love the piano, but it might just be cause it's a midi file
Thanks. The Who? Hm... Maybe if I used a more-synthesizer sound, I don't know.

You are talking about the accompanying piano in the main of verse, I assume? I kind of just threw it in as it sounded kind of flat with just the blues guitar-riff, but I think it's somewhat of grower, though. As I said, kind of annoying but I feel it has some catchiness in it.

*Though I'll add that GP's palm-mute is also a bit heavy, so the guitar should sound more prominent in a real-life mix. Should make the piano accompaniment less obstructive.
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