I'm a noob...
All I got is as little Marshall amp with basic functions. Squire Strat.
I tried playing the Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin but just 4 notes in and I ran into a issue with how to really read the tab :/ D 6 and high E 7, what do I strum first? and for some reason B 5 sounded sharp vs G and high E 5 (even tho its in tune)

anyone else kinda flip out when their guitar dosent sound like the song?
Makes me wonder if its right and.. well I kinda just give up if I cant figure it out...

but mainly what are some SIMPLE tabs?
I was able to learn guns N roses sweet ol child of mine's rift, pretty quick... but that was it.

You don't strum it. It's played fingerstyle, and when the two (or more) notes (fret numbers) are shown vertically simultaneously you pick them at the same time, each with a different finger.

And I'm not sure about your other issue. What do you mean exactly and did it happen in Stairway to Heaven? Can't remember if there's a part like that, but anyway E5=A (in standard tuning), and G is the minor 7th of A, which is a somewhat dissonant interval. Not sure what exactly were you trying to play, but maybe you just didn't get why it "doesn't sound good"?
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