Hi everyone, would love some feedback on my band's latest song. Interested to see what you think of the song, and seeing as I mixed and mastered it (and it isn't a final version!) I will happily take advice on how you think the mix could be improved.

As a brief outline of the song, it's a little simpler and catchier than our usual stuff (a 'single' style song, if you'll indulge the analogy). The song is sort of split into two main sections, the first half is more sparsely arranged and funky, whilst the second is very dense with heavier drumming and lots of guitar and vocal layers.

Not wishing to sound immodest, but if you really enjoy it a like/subscription on YouTube goes a long way.

I'll make sure to give some opinions of your material if you request!

I really dig this song. The bass sounds amazing, would love to pump this in the car while cruising, good chill out song. I would have to agree that the note around 00:16 sounds a bit off. The vocals work perfectly, the recording sounds great, and all the small stuff going on in the background is fun. Great stuff, dude! Would like to hear more from you guys!

Give a listen to my newest track?

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Sorry for the delayed crit man, taken your crit on board! Here's yours:

I think this is a great sounding track man, production is dead on with this one and overall it's definitely a style I like (not too unlike one of the bands I'm in, we'd make a good pairing!) but there's not much I can fault with this track. Vocals are very Alex Turner-esque at points without sounding like a cheap ripoff.

You guys definitely have nailed a sound with this one!