I've only been here for a couple of weeks, but it's already clear to me that there's a genuine desire to help other musicians, with apparently little in-fighting, and I don't see anyone trying to ram down my neck "this is how this must be done".

The folk that are helping very clearly know what they're talking about, and the folk asking the questions seem to be happy with the answers. That said, some of the answers seem terse to help out newbies to the guitar.

None the less, I for one really like what I see here, having been occasional member of other sites.

The only issue I have is a technical one with the site ... the apparent inability to upload documents (e.g. pdf) which could be of use. But I understand why ... it's not cheap running a site of this size.

So ... thanks to you guys on MT, and also to the guys that run UG. I'm enjoying it.

What do you guys think?

cheers, Jerry
Glad to have you here!

Although I wish there was a separate branch for the basic mechanics questions. I like this place the most when there are interesting discussions.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Quote by jerrykramskoy
....... with apparently little in-fighting, and I don't see anyone trying to ram down my neck "this is how this must be done".

What do you guys think?

cheers, Jerry

I think...you aint been here long. lol

I havent been a member of many "music" discussion type sites. So I am not trying to single out UG/UT as being "bad" etc. I just think there are inherent limitations in trying to talk about music as opposed to playing it. My big issue in my gut is that you know that you know that you know half the people are talking a much better game than they can actually play. If everyone were forced for honors sake to post recent playing examples, a large amount of the know-it-all types would disappear.

there was a thread were the guy was asking about USB interfaces...did they change the sound of the guitar blah blah. People were saying this and that and recommending this or that. So I posted up an actual playing example recorded thru a focusrite 2i4. Like an idiot I guess I was thinking that something "real" would be helpful lol. But one of the guys in the thread kept insisting that my opinion wasnt valid at all and neither was my actual example since I didnt do a shootout test of several different interfaces. Plus I used a distorted sound and a SM57 mic etc.

The capper was when he said something like "just because you own it and like it is no reason to recommend it."

Times like that u just lose faith in humanity lol

Like I said, u aint been here long
^ I don't think the USB interface thread was in Musician's Talk (because it doesn't even belong here).

I have to agree with TS. Yes, some threads turn to stupid arguments but I haven't seen a lot of them recently (other than some of Will's threads). Most people here want to help others. I have never seen answers like "you are stupid" when somebody asks a question, even if it's a beginner question. I have learned a lot by just hanging out at MT forums.

Also, I wouldn't recommend ruining this thread with negativity. I think the point of this thread was to make a "positive" answer to the "What's wrong with MT" thread.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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sure, there are plenty good things here on UG. I got help even understanding that I needed a usb interface and a DAW etc since I hadnt recorded any music in many years.

Its like anywhere, hopefully the good outweighs the bad. I guess you just have to understand the nature of musicians, especially guitarists, and be braced for it lol.

"How many guitarists does it take to replace a light bulb?"


"One to replace it and 14 to stand around and say they could have done it better"
i dont play guitar and i'm one of the more pretentious people here, to the point where i don't even give my opinion because i assume people already know how i feel about it

my arrogance is limitless, and with the prayers, with the training, with the vitamins, i can defeat the macho man at musictheorymania 5
I think it's mostly good, but you need to have thick skin, and be willing to learn. I have not seen a lot of people "attacked" I've seen more pretentious newbie know it all elitist types show up and try to make a splash and get into head butting contests, and generally set the forums right. It gets a little old. Those that make it through the gauntlet, learn how it works. It's all in how you present yourself. I think if you show respect it get's returned.

Overall, I think there's a lot of great elements and people, the vast majority I respect. As long as you know how to comport yourself, read between the lines, of what's said, and not get all defensive and huffy, you'll get a lot of traction here. Most of you know me, if I see someone attacking another, just to be an ass I'll call them out. It doesn't happen often, and when it does, I've seen many respected regulars jump in as well.

There are a diversity of people, perspectives and opinions, and I think it enhances this place. There are many regulars that I think are solid and well meaning contributors.


Thanks for all your responses.

@JohnProphet ... I've been there! Since mp3 support seems to be going/gone from UG, embedded players (like soundcloud) seems to be the way forward? I had problems sussing this, but sorted it eventually (I think that may deserve a post if I can't find a thread on that). Be good to hear what you guys are doing. I wonder if there's a thread for musician jokes?

@Xiaoxi ... I was listening to to your soundcloud tracks, which made me think of the embedded player route. Thanks!

@Hail ... I'm going to be smiling at that response all day.

@MaggaraMarine ... that's precisely why I started this thread having seen some of the "what's bad" thread.

@Sean ... +1

cheers, Jerry