I've been wanting a sg for awhile now, but while I was looking up Gibsons they're were a lot more than I could afford. I saw an Epiphone sg which was a lot cheaper I was wondering if because it was cheaper if it was affecting its quality. Obviously it will not be as good as the Gibson But will there be bang to my buck.

Thank you in advance
They're good for the money, provided that the example you're buying is a good one.
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The Epiphone G400 is pretty good value considering the price it is sold for. With that said, you don't find professional level instruments at that pricepoint. What you may get is a reasonably well playing and sounding guitar. If that is enough for you, then I think it would be a good choice.

There are few really bad guitars today. The internet makes rumours of bad quality spread so fast it that it is almost impossible to sell unplayable instruments and get away with it.

Things that will differ on the Epiphone in relation to the Gibson concerns the wood used, the fretwire, the finish method etc.
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I have a G-400 faded and it is a great guitar for the money. I paid $299 new for it and put a $72 Duncan JB in the bridge, it became one of my main guitars for several years and I still play it out on occasion.

But if I would have known then what I know now I would have bought a used Gibson SG special faded for $400 or less. But if you have to buy new, they are a good deal for the money
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Sg 400s are on sale at amazon this week there great guitars thes are epiphones
Epiphones are great
Quite happy with my Epi SG Special. Quite cheap, and is incredibly comfortable to play. Before purchasing, I had read a lot of people mention the imput jacks tend to be loose, and mine was no different, so if at all possible, examine yours before purchase. I don't know if that issue is present on G400s though.
Thank you all for your input it has been very helpful. I have decided to go with the Epiphone sg standard I will probably have by Christmas time.
SG's have a pretty good rep. I picked up a G-400 used for under $200 and it was near flawless as far as setup was concerned. Can't complain at all.