For sale is a Fender Vintage '59 Stratocaster in incredible condition. I've had it for many months, but didn't play it much. Now I need the extra $$$.

The condition is almost to the point where it could be called "as new". There are some extremely fine scratches from wiping off fingerprints, that can only be seen in a harsh bright light. Otherwise the finish looks like glass. There's also a really tiny nick in the edge just to the right (as you're holding the guitar) of the contour. See the photo below, with the arrow pointing to it, and the dime for size reference.

The neck is absolutely perfect, with no defects, marks, fingerprints, wear or anything. It's like brand new. The strings are from the factory, and show no oxidation or wear. That's how little this was played.

The pick guard and tremolo cavity cover still have the protective plastic on them.

The case has one tiny nick, which you can see in the photo below with the dime next to it. Other than that, the case is like new.

Everything that came with the guitar when new is in the case accessory compartment. The strap (which was never used at all), cable (never used), whammy bar (never used), bridge "ashtray" cover (never used), owners manual, Fender cleaning cloth (never used), case keys, hang tags, inspection tags, promotional materials, and more. The packet of silica dessicant is even in there.

The photos below exaggerate the reds. The red isn't as saturated, and there's a good deal of yellow below the bridge extending out to the sides. The color is "faded three color sunburst". It's the color used in the real '59 models. If I can get the time, I'll retouch one or more of the photos to more accurately show the color.

I'm asking $1450 OBO. That would include insured FedEx shipping. PM me if interested. Thanks for looking.

Photo links (click on photos to zoom in):

Overall Photo



Case and guitar

Case candy

Nick in finish

Case nick
The yellow is close to this, but there's still some red between the yellow and black. I hope this helps. This guitar is not the one for sale.
Okay, I've color corrected the finish color to make it closer. It's as close as I can get.

The yellow in the photo in my reply above is too much. I think I got it closer with my own color correcting.