Hello All,

I'm new to this forum and to the world of guitars. I've been really interested in learning to play and need some help, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! So, like I said, I want to learn to play and I really like 8 strings. I listen to a lot of bands that use them and I love the range that they have. I do know that its a whole new monster compared to the six string but I was wondering if I learned 8 string right of the bat, would it be more difficult to start with an 8 string? Thanks in advance!!!
Learn 6 string frist you can tune a 6 string driffrent like DROPED e stuff like that iam just starting also. Then in 2 years learn 8 strings for me 6 strings is enough
Any recommendations on brands? Don't know if it matters a whole lot but I haven't made a purchase yet.
Whats your budget?

8 strings, I believe, are expensive. I would buy a cheap guitar and just try to learn. It takes a little while for you to really be able to play something and a lot of people quit before that time comes.

TLDR; Get something cheap to make sure you this is something you want to do, then drop some $$.

Whats your budget?
I set my budget to 300 for my first guitar but know nothing too specific about any of the makes and models. I don't really know what I need to start.
I bought my Epiphone Les Paul for $150 off craigslist and I still play on it. You have to think about amp as well. Im going to assume you like heavy metal and shit? Judging by the 8 string, idk too many jazz heads lol

$300 for guitar and amp? Or could you go up a little if needed?
Start with a 6 string first.

It'll be much easier to learn on a 6. Learn music theory. If your new it can be hard and slow at first but the effort is worth it. Learn the relationship between all the notes. Once you are comfortable on a 6 string. Playing on an 8 wont be as difficult to learn.
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