I think there's a little tremolo on that, but really you're hearing the guitar (humbuckers, semi-hollow) and a bright tube amp.

I agree that's a really lovely tone. I think it's a combo of the humbuckers on a semi-hollowbody guitar (a rare combo on a tele, I think) and the brightness of the epiphone Blues Custom 30.

BC30s don't have a reputation for being easy to handle, tonewise, so there's probably a fair bit of balancing in there, but I don't think you're hearing a lot of effects.

He also is using a lot of open strings.
I think he's also utilizing a drop tuning with the low E string. Also, he's adding vibrato on a lot of the upper notes to give that shimmering feel.

Most of the tone comes from his playing, the guitar, and amp.
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I don't hear any effects. There could maybe be some reverb. You'll achieve that kind of tone just by plugging your guitar straight to your amp. Use clean channel and the middle position of the pickup selector (if you have a dual humbucker guitar). What amp and guitar do you have?
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