I am looking for a new guitar under 21000rs(300$). I decided to buy a cort guitar. Should i get the X11 with duncan designed pikcups or get the x6 with bluebucker pickup?? Which will be the best for metal and lead tones?
I haven't tried either but the X11 seems to be a higher-end model (seems to have a better tremolo) so I'd probably go with that. Assuming they're the only two choices.
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I suggest you go the a shop and try out different guitars, see what rocks your boat. Just because it's higher end, it doesnt meanit will feel better in your hands.
If you have a choice of either i'd go the X-11. DD pickups are generally better than stock but not as good as the real thing, though i haven't played the bluebuckers.

I have a Cort Viva gold II which is more or less the same as those and since i changed the pickups its been amazing. IMO Cort are a very underrated guitar manufacturer.