I am totally beginner in Guitars and thinking to learn guitar from internet, but I am confused about that in the market many different types of Guitars are available like different - different wood and neck and bass and electric, So which type of Guitar is good for beginners.
Well, the first thing is to decide if you want to play bass or guitar. Once you decide that, ask this in the appropriate sub forum.

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Do you have any local music shops? If you have no idea what to look for or never bought a guitar. I recommend you go in person to stores to try different types. Go with what ever feels the best for you.
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Yamaha Pacifica. It was my first guitar and I still use it to this day despite a myriad of other choices. That's assuming you want an electric guitar of course.

Failing that, hit up your local music shop and try out a bunch of guitars in your price range. It's always been my experience that when you find the right one you'll know instantly.
For starters, your hand size will determine ultimately what make of guitar you start with. The neck radius is important. A person with small hands could get a Jackson, but probably not a Gretsch as they have the largest necks. Fenders have a round radius, Gibson a flatter. Also consider the neck finish, and unfinished maple neck ( Jacksons ) is very fast whereas a Gibson is coated and many people have problems changing shapes quickly on them, you could a 600 grit sandpaper to make it easier to play but it is not really worth. Price is crucial if you pay less than $350 the guitar will have cheap hardware and you will constantly be tuning it and want to give it up. You have to go to a decent guitar shop and try which one feels better. You can always get a better guitar later or swap pickups when you are more experienced and interested in shaping your tone. Do not buy online unless it is from a place like Musicians Friend, there are so many knock-offs coming from China and they are pretty much firewood.
It's best to buy a copy. They are very cheap and you do not have a gig in the beginning so sound quality is not important. So if it goes well and you decide to be professionally then buy jackson, gibson or whatever you want at this time. My first guitar I bought was Carrer (copy of Fender)
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