What I currently have is an old Boss GT-8 and a Behringer V-Amp 2 and I'm looking something more modern I can sit on my desk. I did try search but couldn't think of anything other than "desktop effects" or "pc effects" and they didn't get me any answers that I am looking for.

I have tried Positive Grid's Jamup pro app and I'm just not feeling it. So if anyone reading this would recommend that under their own personal experience and is willing to give me tips and discuss that would be great.

I have looked at the POD UX Studio and GT-001 desktop units, but I'm looking for opinions and other options. I'm really hoping everyone that replies with advice has person experience with their opinion as we know some like to push a particular product because of internet hype or their friend said it was cool.

I'm not into using a ton of effects, but the availability would be great. I want to try to keep the price cap at 300USD although if a product is worth it, I won't mind spending a bit more. I like to play metal, jazz, blues, that type of thing. Just something that sits on my desktop and sounds good while doing it.
If you head over to the Recordings forum, there's a sticky for the best ways to hook up to your PC and another for all the various VSTs you can use as plugins for effects and amp sims.
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Thanks for the tip, Gary. I just read through a bit and found a lot of useful tools to check out.