Hi guys, been a while since I posted on here. I have recorded an intro track to an instrumental album I am working on. I have recorded with other bands before but this is the first time I have attempted to record and produce myself so grateful for any comments on the production in particular. The plan is for this song to lead straight into the next song. I may re-record the solo as a couple of bits I'm not sure about. C4C naturlich.


Cheers loves.
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So first and foremost, you should always post a link to the song in the body of your post. A lot of people will turn away when they have to work for it. That being said:

I'm digging the piano and the synth going on in the intro. I don't like the snare very much, though. It needs a bit more "oomph" to it. The mixing on the electric guitars could be a bit better maybe bring out the guitar in the background a bit more and give it more depth. All in all its a good intro track, it gets you ready for what's coming up. Looking forward to hearing more from you m'friend!


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I agree with bleak, always add your links to the post.

Your snare is way too thin. Needs some boost at around 200-300hz. You also shouldn't keep playing it most of the time, I think if you only added it at the end (where the track gets heavier) it would give the track that "get ready to what's coming" feeling you want in an intro track.

I didn't like your lead guitar tone (the guitar that enters at around 1:20). Not that it's bad, but I felt it didn't sat well with the rest of the mix.

You should try to remove those little gaps in between the piano chords at the beginning. They're not noticeable when the synth kicks in, but they're a little distracting when the piano is on its own.

The intro really builds nicely, something that will really give a great feel to your album as long as the second track connects well to the intro.

Keep up the good work!
Apologies for the lack of link, which I've now fixed. Will try to give the drums a bit of a boost and agree they are thin. I just used one of the default Drumkit from Hell kits. Will try giving it the boost you recommended.

I am also not a huge fan of the lead tone- it is a bit grating. It sounds good coming out the amp but guess that is a mic positioning issue?

Also how do I thicken the other guitars, short of re-recording? They are already double tracked. Grateful for any pointers.

Bleak, I will given your track a listen later when at home.
Sounds promising.

As others said, the snare is quite bright. I used to use Drum kit from hell as well so I recognize the sound. Also the guitar solo sound doesn't quite fit the mix, as others mentioned. Sounds like the mic is a bit too far of the amp? I'm not sure. Also, some the bends in the solo were a bit out of tune. Other than that, it was well played.

If you want to thicken other guitars, maybe give them a slight boost to the lower mid-range (around 150 - 500Hz area). Be careful, though, because if you add too much, they might sound muddy. Also quad tracking is an option for a thicker sound, but for a part like this, I wouldn't necessarily go that way. Experiment!

When you tackle these issues, I think it'll come out as a solid intro for your album. Interesting to hear what will come next.

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Intro piano is simple, yet effective. The strings fit. The guitars seem a bit shrill, but I'm sensitive to high frequencies. Needs some electric bass or bass synth. The rhythm lead guitars are a bit repetitive. Would be nice to have some good vocals. Lead guitar playing is good. Please review my music at this link:

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