Does guitar help you relieve stress, anger, boredom? or its just something you do but no for reason to relax?
It feels good I guess. I love to play it. Its relaxing.

But doesn't feel as good as opium. Idk, just my honest opinion.

Combining the two...well now that's perfection haha.
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It gives me an outlet to express my creative side,Just as some people draw or paint,I play.
For me, it helps when I sing while playing. The Marilyn Mansonish screaming that I do combined with the thrash metal I play and write is a good anger and stress release. There have been times where I was rather upset and I would just pick up the guitar, just full volume scream a song, and feel so much better afterwards.

It also gives me a creative release. It lets me tell a story in a way that couldn't be told as easily in another way.

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"Music is the strongest form of magic." - Marilyn Manson
For me, music is the drug. I am heavily addicted. Guitar is just one way to manifest music. I like acoustic guitar. I like the sound of it, the timbre. I like how the inversions sound. I like how it is just an object, just a hollow box with a piece of wood sticking out, and strings strapped on top. I like how you can control vibrato, and do slides. How you can use a number of techniques like fingertapping, or rapping on the body to produce a rhythm. I like how basically every key is the same, and how it is endless, how there is always more to learn.

But my addiction is music. If i'm not holding a guitar, it will be a beat in my mind, or a tune, or it will be a whistle, or some beatbox. If i am holding a bass, it will be a bassline, or a melody if I am sitting at a piano, or it might be a beat I tap out on my desk, or on the fridge door while I look for something to eat.

Guitar is just another way for the music to come out, but it is one of my favourite ways.
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Sometimes I get goosebumps when I play, so yeah. Also I need a fix after too long, so yeah again. Lucky it costs practically nothing once you have the gear.
Sort of. If I'm really pissed off, I can't but If I'm nervous or sad for some reason, playing on the guitar (or piano or anything else) generally calms me, usually Lou Reed songs.
A poem.
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Yeah I enjoy playing guitar its fun and I like moveing my fingers I know it sound crazy but its true
Drugs are drugs to me. But guitar is like eating candy without the calories so I love to do it.
Absolutely it is. It relaxes me, relieves boredom and gives me satisfaction that I'm learning to play an instrument.
Lysergic acid+playing a prog rock show in front of a massive audience of others=the greatest dopamine release i've found thus far
Legato and fluidity in your playing is where it's at

There are those rare moments when everything comes together musically while I am playing. Occasionally it happens just noodling when I get a kind of transcendental meditation type moment where I just float off somewhere mentally for a few seconds. It's the ultimate musical high for me. When it happens live playing with a band, it's better than any drug I have ever taken and since I am the product of the 60's and a misspent youth I feel qualified to make that comparison. I believe it's those moments that keep me playing as I stumble into later life. I’m sure a lot of you have experienced this during your playing and you know what I mean even though it’s difficult to put into words. It keeps us going unlike those who for whatever reason never have that personal musical experience.
Yes, guitar is a drug. I need to play to be happy, I need to practice, learn new things, new licks, etc.

Plus i'm really more confident in myself after playing guitar for 2 hours =)
music and guitar are definitely drugs for me

I've got tinnitus that sometimes gets really debilitating. playing guitar is the only thing that makes me completely forget its there
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I go hypo its Like being in another world of thinking, but i notied i some times feel tired when i stop playing after an hour .
Yes I would say it is or just the love for music in general.

At least the last 20 odd years have been and I still got my guitars and other gear + big drum kit so I am stuck with it but at least it is a sensible habit I am forever into.

However now I can be objective and put music on the top priority. What else do I want to achieve besides music?
That's part of the reason guitar is so amazing. It's a way to relieve any sort of emotion, but it's also a fun hobby. I don't think I'd go a week without the aid of a guitar to be honest.